The Dancing Gypsy

I hold your hand and smile while I start telling
you of the day my life has changed a lot.

The sun was shining and I was so unhappy

as he was dancing singing a strange song.


He didn't say a word but I just listened
to the magic of this gypsy in the street.

He seemed to know about the sense of living
he seemed to be a miracle to me.
And he looks to me again
walking in the summer rain.
And he's got that kind of smile
that i just missed a long long while.

And he dances through the street
with his funny dirty feet.

And he seemed to me just like the
answer of the things I always need to know.


[Now the dance ...] 


19.8.07 02:15

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motz (26.8.07 01:47)
megaschön. glaubst du an seelenverwandtschaft?
dicker kuss an dich...

susn (27.8.07 17:34)
Yes, i do

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